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Hand-building Dining-ware Workshop 19th May 2019

Date:      Sunday 19th May 2019.

Time:      10am – 3pm

Cost:       $150pp

One full-day workshop where you will learn a range of ceramic hand-building and decorating techniques to create your own unique ceramic pieces. By the end of the day, you will have about 3-4 finished and decorated pieces.

The workshop will run from 10-3pm. The day is split into 2 halves with a lunch break in the middle.

On the day, you will work towards 2 main projects;

 1.    Make a set of your own dinner set (tumbler/bowl/plate) with hand-building slab technique and colour clay technology.

 2.    Learn finishing and decorating techniques on a leather hard piece of pottery with Scrafitto / Mishima / Slip trailing / Stencils techniques.

 If you have time, you can also work on self directed projects.

All the work will be glazed for you and fired and ready to be collected 3-4 week after the class.

All material, tools and equipment will be provided on the day.